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The pros

Why Amsterdam Production Hub?

  • We know the drill, we know the business.
  • That’s why we’re number one in all-size tour productions.
  • The first, the quickest, the biggest, the best.

APH is the first fully equipped one-stop-shop, specialized in tour and production supplies.


APH is the quickest: all the expertise available in an instant and across vast distances.


APH is the biggest: a touring collaboration as big as APH has never existed before.


APH is the best: we only work with the best and we have the best acoustic rehearsal studio around.

.... we never miss a beat.

Amsterdam Prodcution Hub
The location

Why Amsterdam?

  • Infamous Amsterdam is the gateway to Europe.
  • All the facilities and infrastructure at your fingertips.
  • An international airport, hotels, a historic town center alive and kicking with nightlife and art.

Yet, Amsterdam is so much more than a well-liked tourist destination.

The real reason you would want to start your production in Amsterdam?

APH will make all your touring headaches disappear.

About us

APH in short

APH helps you get on top of your production problems and touring issues. With one single point of contact, in Los Angeles or Amsterdam.

  • Airfreight hub next door and seafreight hub within 50 miles.
  • Our collaboration gives us the know-how, as well as agile in-house solutions.
  • No special permits needed for our English speaking EU crew, we take care of UK ATA-carnets.
  • Amsterdam Production Hub masters every aspect of touring and never misses a beat.
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We’d love to help you out or think along with your production.

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