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Pieter Smit

Pieter Smit is the APH specialist in transporting, building and technically realizing big music & entertainment events.

From crewvans, crewtrucks, tourbusses to heavy load gear transport, no matter how big of small your events, Pieter Smit has matching logistic solutions.

With over 40 years of experience Pieter Smit knows everything there is to know about touring Europe. It’s this experience that makes border crossings guaranteed hassle-free. We know how to work the red tape. ATA-carnets have been part of our job for years. We can go UK, Russia, Turkey, wherever….

We have provided logistics for events and tours differing from Pearl Jam, Andre Rieu, Tomorrowland and staging for U2. We have the experience to put your show on the road.

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Louise Smit

louise@pietersmit.com +31 252 673 005

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